Bicton Dentistry In Perth, WA

Bicton is a primp riverside suburb of Perth, located ten kilometres southwest of Perth’s CBD and is a primarily residential suburb. It is home to a selection of sporting clubs, including water polo and swimming, and one school. Charming in demeanour and proper by nature, Bicton is a drive away from most commercial facilities in Perth.

At Happy Teeth Dental, we gladly service all Bicton residents at our child friendly clinic.

Bicton Dentist – General Exams

If you need a general exam, referred to as a scale and clean or general check-up, please contact our front desk today to schedule an appointment for preventative dentistry. For anything else, please follow the same procedure to arrange an appointment with our friendly dentist.

We’re always happy to speak to new and old clients when they want to talk about dental care. We, our team of dentists and dental assistants, will be pleased to treat any dental problem or perform any cosmetic dental work. We deliver high quality dental treatments

Bicton Paediatric Dentist

We regularly apply our years of training to provide treatment for infants and children. We help your kids’ teeth remain in strong form as they grow older. With regular check-ups you can ensure that your child will be treated with care in a friendly environment.

During routine dental treatment for infants, a clean and fluoride treatment will be delivered by our dentist. Your kids’ oral cleanliness will be restored to a premium state. We will also address any other issues that may be present. We are experienced children’s dentists and when needed can provide root canals, gum treatments and other necessary treatment.

Infants, children, adolescents and adults can expect to get the same care and attention from our specialists and staff when they patronise our clinic. We are committed to ensuring they maintain good oral health care and dedicated to providing paediatric and dental treatment. If we make recommendations for any further treatment, we will inform you and gain the appropriate level of consent before proceeding with said treatment.

Cosmetic Dental Treatments

Quality dental treatments in the cosmetic dental field are another one of our strengths at Happy Teeth Dental. We can align crooked or misaligned teeth and whiten teeth. Similarly, if damage to teeth requires artificial replacement, our high quality dental services include attaching veneers, crowns and bridges. We can inform you in best care practice after the procedure if you employ cosmetic treatment.

We offer walk in emergency dental services too. If you have suffered an injury or have somehow damaged your teeth, you can simply arrive at our clinic and be placed in the queue for an appointment with one of our dental team. Ask us about our health care plans and our 20% discount on all dental services, for patients who don’t have private health cover.

Call our friendly reception team today. Our staff are committed to taking your call and will ask a few questions before proceeding to make you an appointment. We provide a friendly environment while delivering a range of different services.

We are open from Monday to Friday, 9:00am to 5:00pm and Saturday 9:00am to 1:00pm (by appointment only). Contact us for all your dental needs in Bicton or the surrounding area.


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