Melville Dentistry In Perth, WA

Melville is the centre of the City of Melville which lies East of the Port of Fremantle and South of the CBD of Perth. The suburb is home to a few commercial establishments along the Canning Highway, as well as Fremantle cemetery and a few public schools. Residents are of all ages, with some families and retirees living in Melville as well as nearby Bicton.

Parents, singles and children can expect to get the same dental care and attention from our team when they pay our dentist a visit. We help all our clients to maintain good oral health care and will identify any potential issues before they start to present a serious threat to dental health.

We always use the latest technology in the dentistry profession to ensure our patients’ natural teeth are well cared for and looked after. We offer emergency dentistry services for all walk-ins, so if you suffer an injury or damage to your teeth, please arrive at our clinic as soon as you can for treatment.

Melville Dental Care

If you need an oral exam, otherwise referred to as a scale and clean or general check-up, please contact our front desk today to book your appointment. Please follow the same procedure if you’re enquiring about cosmetic dentistry or paediatric dentistry. We’re always happy to speak to new and old clients when they want to talk about their oral health. Our team of dentists and nurses, will be pleased to solve any dental issue or perform any cosmetic work needed.

Cosmetic Dental Treatments Melville

Cosmetic dental services are another one of our services at Happy Teeth Dental clinic. We can fix crooked or misaligned teeth according to the situation. We can whiten discoloured teeth with professional teeth whitening techniques.

Similarly, if damage to teeth sees you needing an implant, we can attach high quality dental devices such as veneers, crowns and bridges according to your situation. We will always inform you in best care practice after the procedure if you employ cosmetic dental treatment.

Licensed Paediatric Dentist Melville

We can apply our years of training and experience to help your kids’ teeth remain in good condition as they continue to grow. With regular check-ups you can ensure that your children’s teeth remain clean and healthy. During a routine cleaning and fluoride treatment, your kids’ oral health will be restored to a supremely clean state. We will also address any other oral health issues that may be present at the time of your child’s consultation.

If you don’t have private dental cover, we will provide a 20% discount on all quality dental care provided by Happy Teeth Dental.


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